The 6 Week AMC Affiliate Partner Program

Super affiliates have been created, lives changed and the bar raised.

Be An Affiliate Partner!

Become an affiliate partner with the 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge and help us reach even more individuals waiting to reach their full potential in affiliate marketing. Earn up to $1000 for each student you refer.

The 6 Week AMC runs 4-6 times per year, delivering high quality, in-depth training for up to 150 students per course.

We will provide all necessary promotional material and work with you to tailor content to fit your audience.

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Commission Structure

Partners can earn up to $1000 for each referral

  • Qualified referrals are for students who are accepted into any 6 Week AMC course, and have paid initial deposit

Payment Terms

  • Commissions are confirmed after refund period, for referred course, has expired and payments have been made in full
  • Three tiers of commissions available up to $1000 per confirmed sale
  • Easy commission transfers
  • PayPal available

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